JIAN WEI DEVELOPMENT SDN. BHD. is owned by a reputable China based company, who specialise in Automobile, Logistic, Real Estate and Investment. Jian Wei Development Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in the year 2014. It may be a new kid on the block, but the collective experience of its high-level management and involvement in real estate gives the company a competitive edge to offer a great residential development that raise the standards of living. Jian Wei Development has moved to Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC) on 29 July 2016, to achieve a major leap of Jumway Holdings Group’s strategic development. This move marks the successful establishment of the Group based in Southeast Asia and lay a solid foundation for the Group to be internationalized. The company has targeted to have an estimated annual output value over RM 300 million and an annual growth of more than 30%. We always continue the spirit of the corporate motto, innovative, service and dedication, and make greater contributions to China government’s “One Belt One Road Initiative” (OBRB) initiative. (OBRB) is one of Beijing’s most ambitious foreign economic development initiatives aims to recreate the legendary of the Silk Road and wields plenty of financial muscle.) Currently, Property development is the core activity for Jian Wei Development in Malaysia which include Project development, Project Management and Project Investment. In future development, the company will develop across three main sectors in Malaysia- Real Estate, Finance and Logistics. With a new attitude, Jian Wei are aimed to provide customers with better, high quality and innovative products and services.

Our Founder


Chairman of Jumway Holdings Berhad
  • Jiangsu Province Federation of Industry and Commerce standing committee member
  • Vice President of Jiangsu Modern Logistics Association
  • Suzhou Chamber of Commerce standing committee
  • President of Suzhou Modern Logistics Industry Association
  • Executive committee of Kunshan Federation of Industry and Commerce
  • President of Kunshan Automobile Repair, Beauty and Accessories Association
  • Executive Vice President of Kunshan Logistics Association
  • Vice President of Kunshan Chamber of Commerce
  • Honorary President of Kunshan Anhui Province Chamber of Commerce

“Ambitious goal, Impressive accomplishment, Glorious Achievement” is my diligent goal worth striving for.

In the past 30 years, we have made every effort to pass the ridge and ventured into risk, and we have always insisted on it.

Today, Jumway has become a diversified enterprise group integrating modern logistics, automobile sales, and real estate development. It has footprints in more than 20 cities and regions with employs nearly 10,000 people.

With the growth of the company from small to large, “Ambitious goal, Impressive accomplishment, Glorious Achievement” become future goal of all our employees. Jumway has turned from my personal career into a society career, I’m well aware that my shoulder heavy responsibilities and still a long way to go.

Regardless of whether it is a matter of nature or a candid path, the history of Jumway has been ups and downs, and the memories are still fresh. However, our people are even more used to transcend it. It’s been a journey and Jumway will show his ambitious talents, build extraordinary accomplishments, and establish great achievements in many fields.

Jumway’s Signature Projects

Prime Point,
Yunhu Lanshan,
Jian Wei Prosperity Tower,
Jian Wei City Square,
Jian Wei Auto Parts City,
Henglong International Hardward City, China
Henglong International
Hardward City, China
International Auto City, China
International Auto City,
New World Plaza, China
New World Plaza,
Yunhu International, China
Yunhu International,
Yunhu Lanshan, China 2
Yunhu Lanshan,